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It was during my tenure as the GIS Coordinator for Henderson County, NC, that I was first introduced to several “movers and shakers” in the NC GIS Community who were also active URISA volunteers.  I was fortunate to experience firsthand the benefit from these professionals’ contributions.  One such benefit was attending a pre-conference URISA certified workshop at the 2005 NC GIS Conference.  As I am sure has happened to others, once I experienced the quality of this first workshop, it became the first of many. Another benefit I enjoyed was the opportunity to join the Carolina chapter of URISA.  As a next step, in 2007 I served as the Vice-President of Carolina URISA which won URISA Chapter of the Year.  From 2010 to 2012, I went on to serve as President of Carolina URISA continuing the support of URISA certified workshops at the NC GIS Conferences.  Our Carolina Chapter contribution that year was to start a preconference social to honor past influential members.  After a major shift in geography to Boston, MA, I joined the New England Chapter of URISA in 2015.  I went on to tackle IRS requirements while serving as Treasurer for the chapter in 2016.  In 2017, I then served the chapter as Vice President and moved onto chapter President in 2018.  During this time, New England URISA hit two milestones by being one of the first four chapters to join OneURISA and winning Chapter of the Year.