Ashley Hitt, GISP

Vice President, GIS Services,
Connected Nation

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Connected Nation
Louisville, KY


Ashley Hitt, GISP, is the Vice President of GIS Services at Connected Nation, a national leader in broadband expansion programs. She is responsible for the operation of the GIS Services and Engineering & Technical Services departments, including the development and implementation of strategic methodologies to promote data visualization solutions using broadband-related datasets as well as the innovation of broadband data collection and field validation methodologies.

Ashley was the Conference Chair for GIS-Pro 2020 and has been an instructor for the URISA GIS Leadership Academy (GLA). She previously served on the URISA Board of Directors (2013-16), is a Past-President of the Cumberland Chapter (2014), and was on the inaugural URISA Vanguard Cabinet (2011-12).

Ashley has a BSc in Geography/Meteorology and MSc in Geoscience from Western Kentucky University.