Ms. Sharmane Baynard CZO

Town of Herndon

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Town of Herndon



My passion is GIS!! However, and as unfortunate as it is, my most recent employment has not been in the industry but not for lack of trying. GIS has become a very competitive field and a lot of agencies are looking for programmers. I am more of an analyst, reporting and finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. I have also noticed that as important as GIS is and how effective it can be in enhancing a locality's digital footprint, there are still many municipalities that have not harnessed the power of GIS.

I have been working in many areas of local government for over 15 years. I am very well-rounded and versed in anything related to land development as well as the many facets and internal workings of a municipality. I speak, read and write Spanish as well. 

My additional passion is music (as a listener and supporter), especially Prince!! O(+>. I enjoy concerts in the summer, reading, writing, poetry, geography, culture, and cuisine.