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Executive Summary

  • Internationally recognized researcher and author in the fields of GIS Management best practices, GIS advocacy and marketing, and GIS finance and return on investment.
  • Originator and lead author of the GIS Capability Maturity Model and co-chair of the URISA work group that developed the USDOLETA Geospatial Management Competency Model.
  • Lecturer and author on the topic of GIS management and leadership
  • Recognized as a GIS leader through work at King County and the East Bay Municipal Utility District, advocacy of regional cooperative GIS, and promotion of GIS awareness and education via activity on the Boards of URISA, the Bay Area Automated Mapping Association and the Washington Chapter of URISA.
  • Experienced project manager for a variety of GIS development programs, including strategic planning, data and application development, and aerial mapping, using both in-house and contract staff.
  • Skilled in contract negotiations and in facilitating resource sharing for GIS development projects.
  • Respected and effective manager of highly productive GIS data and applications development and maintenance staff within challenging unionized and civil service environments.
  • Effective administrator within a public agency environment, including budgeting, financial management, preparing Board presentations, contracting, personnel management, marketing, etc.
  • Innovative developer of an entrepreneurial GIS consulting/client services business unit within King County government.

Employment History and Major Accomplishments

University of Washington Evans School of Public Administration (2019)

Associate Instructor

Teach a graduate level class on GIS for Public Policy

King County, Seattle, WA (1998 to present)

King County GIS Center Marketing & Business Development Manager

Manage all marketing and business development functions for King County’s consolidated enterprise GIS (King County GIS Center). The King County GIS Center was reorganized in 2002 with a staff of 31 GIS professionals as a King County Internal Service Fund, responsible for providing GIS services to King County and other local agencies on a 100% cost recovery basis. Established successful financial models for three GIS business lines and succeeded in marketing GIS services to a growing customer base. Also performed project management duties for GIS consulting contracts, including:

  • City of Tukwila, WA - GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan
  • King County International Airport - GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan
  • Metropolitan King County Council - GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan
  • King County Department of Community and Human Services - GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan
  • (With Richard O. Zerbe and Associates) King County GIS ROI Study

King County GIS Manager

Managed the King County GIS Center, a centralized GIS service organization for County departments and outside clients. Provided GIS and related information technology advice, guidance, and oversight for King County executive staff, department directors, and elected officials. Managed closeout of the King County GIS Capital Project

East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, CA (1989-1998)

GIS Mapping Supervisor


M.A. and B.A. in Geography from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Professional Affiliations and Achievements


  • Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)
  • URISA Board of Directors, including terms as Secretary, Treasurer, and President
  • Founding Chair of the URISA GIS Management Institute
  • Association of American Geographers
  • Government Alliance on Race and Equity
  • American Geographical Society
  • EthicalGEO Fellow, American Geographical Society
  • Founder and past Chief Editor of The Summit (State of Washington GIS Newsletter)
  • Author and past-instructor for URISA Leadership Academy
  • Certified instructor for URISA GIS Program Management, GIS Strategic Planning, and GIS ROI Workshops; Co-Author and Instructor for URISA Cartography & Map Design, GIS Capability Maturity Model, and GIS for Equity and Social Justice Workshops
  • URISA Barbara Hirsch Special Achievement Award for work on URISA Leadership Academy
  • Frequent author in the GIS Professional, The Summit, ArcNews, URISA Journal, Government Finance Review, etc.
  • Article Author and Reviewer for the Geographic Information Science and Technology Body of Knowledge
  • Washington State URISA GIS Summit Award (GIS Person of the Year)
  • Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award for King County GIS ROI study
  • URISA Leadership Award
  • Designated GIS Hero by ArcNews
  • Invited speaker on GIS management topics in China, Taiwan, Russia, Poland, UAE, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Caribbean, and across the US.

Certification: GIS Certified Professional 00024141


Books and Chapters

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Geospatial Models

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Selected Articles and Presentations

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