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Been there, done that...aging GIS geek. 

I started doing GIS in the 1980's - Yes, people were alive then :-)  working my way up from a no-nothing tech to state gov't leadership.  First as GIO for Wisconsin, then as the Arizona State Cartographer.  Having retired from both, I started consulting for City of Phoenix, and they recently decided to make me GIS Coordinator for their Street Transportation Dept.  I'm loving it, as it beats trying to herd (statewide) cats all the time!

I've always marveled at how GIS uses a fuller potential of my brain (left=logic, right=creativity) to allow me to express ideas and information in ways that others can better understand.  
I hope to keep learning from the younger (and few older) members here, especially in regard to how to best present a more localized Urban and Regional message through our medium.  

Glad to make your acquaintance !!